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Lawyers for Common Motorcycle Injuries in Kent, WA

  1. Motorcycle Accident Injuries and Recoverable Damages
  2. Pursuing Compensation Based on Motorcycle Accident Injuries
  3. How Our Attorney Can Help With Your Washington Motorcycle Accident Case
  4. Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Washington
  5. Deadlines for Suing the At-Fault Driver in a Motorcycle Accident
  6. Let Our Team Assess Your Case if You Were Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

Injuries from motorcycle accidents are often serious or catastrophic. You may need extensive medical care, face pain and suffering, and have other damages. However, you don’t have to pay for these challenges that someone else caused. If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a Seattle area motorcycle crash caused by another driver, our motorcycle accident attorney may be able to help.

At Herschensohn Law, our injury law team represents clients hurt in Kent and the Seattle area. We provide free consultations so potential clients can learn more about their legal options for justice and compensation. Call (206) 588-4344 or use our online contact form to get started.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries and Recoverable Damages

Motorcycle accidents often leave riders with serious or catastrophic injuries. Some live with life-altering disabilities or require long-term treatment. Others need months of therapy and rehabilitation to regain their strength and abilities. Some may even face catastrophic injuries and will never make a full recovery.

Some possible motorcycle injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI), concussions, and other head injuries
  • Back and neck injuries, including spinal cord injuries
  • Significant burns, scarring, and disfigurement from road rash
  • Traumatic amputation of limbs
  • Severe lacerations
  • Internal injuries
  • Fractures
  • Joint injuries
  • Contusions and other soft tissue injuries

When an accident victim suffers serious injuries, they may require extensive medical treatment and care, have to take time away from work, and lose thousands of dollars in lost income in the process. Their medical bills continue to grow, and they wonder what happens if they cannot go back to work.

The recoverable damages in these cases depend on the expenses and losses the victim incurred. However, the damages can be significant in many cases because of the severity of motorcycle accident injuries. Our attorneys help clients understand the possible settlement value of their case by calculating their total damages. These damages could include:

  • Medical care costs
  • Future treatment and support expenses
  • Loss of income, including missed paychecks, missed tips, and other lost sources of income
  • Diminished earning capacity if there are lasting injuries
  • Property damages
  • Other related costs
  • Pain and suffering damages

We also represent clients in wrongful death actions. If your spouse, parent, or child suffered fatal injuries in a Washington motorcycle accident, we are here to help. We will also discuss options with the personal representative of an estate.

Pursuing Compensation Based on Motorcycle Accident Injuries

At Herschensohn Law, our team knows how to navigate the insurance claims process for our clients following a motorcycle crash. We pursue compensation and justice for our clients while they focus on their treatment and healing.

After investigating the crash, determining what happened, and gathering evidence to show negligence and liability, we generally have two options:

  • File an insurance claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company
  • File a lawsuit in the applicable civil court and ask a jury to award compensation

These options are not mutually exclusive. Sometimes we need to sue because the insurer refused to pay a fair settlement. This may lead to the insurer increasing their offer, and we can still settle out of court. Most successful recoveries occur through negotiations with the insurance company. However, we sometimes need to go to trial to seek justice for our clients.

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How Our Attorney Can Help With Your Washington Motorcycle Accident Case

motorcycle accident settlement

Attorney Zach Herschensohn’s goal is to provide attentive, aggressive, and effective representation to every client he works with. To this end, he and his team manage all aspects of a case from start to finish.

At Herschensohn Law, we can protect your rights, prepare your claim, and demand a fair payout or file a lawsuit on your behalf in civil court.

We handle all these tasks—and more—based on contingency fees. We do not ask for a retainer upfront. Instead, we get our attorney’s fees from the payout we recover for our clients. If there is no settlement or verdict, we do not get paid.

To learn more about our team and how we can help clients successfully recover compensation in a traffic accident, you can review many of our latest case results.

motorcycle accident settlement

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Washington

Negligence is the cause of many motorcycle crashes. When one party violates a traffic law, they can cause a collision and injuries. Even in a more moderate crash, motorcyclists frequently suffer significant injuries. Some common ways other drivers cause motorcycle accidents include:

  • Failure to yield the right-of-way, especially when turning left
  • Failure to obey traffic signs or signals
  • Following too closely
  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding or driving too fast for conditions
  • Drunk or drugged driving
  • Changing lanes improperly
  • Turning without signaling

In any of these scenarios, the injured motorcyclist might have a valid legal claim for compensation against the motorist who caused their accident. If this happened to you or a loved one, our motorcycle accident lawyers could help you recover money damages for your losses.

Deadlines for Suing the At-Fault Driver in a Motorcycle Accident

We must meet deadlines when filing a lawsuit on behalf of our clients in Washington. State law generally gives us three years to take action by filing the initial complaint in the appropriate civil court under RCW 4.16.080. This applies to injury accidents and wrongful death actions as outlined in RCW 4.20.010.

If we know about your case with enough time, we will ensure you meet the applicable deadlines and do not lose the right to sue the at-fault party or parties who caused your crash and injuries. Our personal injury lawyers will fight to help you hold them accountable.

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Let Our Team Assess Your Case if You Were Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

You can speak to a team member from Herschensohn Law about your motorcycle crash and injuries today. We provide free case assessments so you can better understand your rights and how we can help you with your case. We are here for you.

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