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Sex Abuse Lawyer in Kent

  1. What Is Sex Abuse?
  2. How a Kent Sexual Abuse Attorney at Our Firm Can Serve You
  3. What Forms of Compensation Can You Seek in a Kent Sex Abuse Case?
  4. How Long You Have to Take Action in a Kent Sex Abuse Case
  5. The Attorneys at Herschensohn Law Help Victims of Sex Abuse in Kent

Sexual abuse can cause various behavioral and emotional difficulties that arise later in life. Many survivors need therapy and other forms of medical intervention to help them heal from the abuse they suffered. If you or a loved one suffered sex abuse in Kent, Washington, you have the right to hold the abuser and other parties accountable. Going through this process on your own, however, can be daunting.

A sex abuse lawyer with Herschensohn Law in Kent, Washington can act on your behalf. While you seek the care you need to help you heal from your trauma, our lawyers can investigate your case, identify who to pursue for compensation, and fight for a fair case outcome. Get in touch with our firm today at (206) 588-4344.

What Is Sex Abuse?

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Sex abuse is any sexual activity between two people without consent. Minors don’t have the capacity to consent to any type of sexual activity. Therefore, any sexual conduct between an adult and someone under the age of 18 is always considered sexual abuse.

Sex abuse can take many forms, including:

  • Rape or attempted rape
  • Penetration with an object
  • Exposing oneself
  • Sexual harassment
  • Molestation
  • Forcing someone to watch or engage in pornography
  • Unwanted touching or kissing
  • Sexual exploitation

Sexual abuse can have a serious impact on the victim’s life. It can lead to depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. It can also cause problems in relationships with family members, partners, or friends. If you or a loved one suffered any type of sexual abuse, even if it is not listed here, our team wants to help you.

How a Kent Sexual Abuse Attorney at Our Firm Can Serve You

The team at Herschensohn Law is here to support you and provide compassionate service. So, while you work to heal from this trauma, we can take on all aspects of your case, such as:

  • Managing all communication with other parties involved with your case
  • Gathering and organizing evidence
  • Interviewing experts
  • Reviewing medical records
  • Taking witness statements
  • Identifying your abuser (or any other parties who allowed the abuse to occur) and holding them accountable
  • Filing a claim, complaint, or lawsuit
  • Meeting all deadlines the state enforces
  • Fighting for a fair settlement during settlement negotiations
  • Representing you in a trial

Our attorneys always keep our clients in the loop, giving you regular updates on the status of your case. Should you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We understand that some abuse survivors want to be as involved in their case as possible while others want to stay at arm’s length. We will do whatever we can to make this as comfortable as possible for you and your family.

Our Legal Help Costs You Nothing Up Front

Getting counseling, taking leave from work, and dealing with other expenses stemming from the abuse can take a toll on your bank account. Hiring legal representation may seem out of the question right now. However, with Herschensohn Law on your side, it doesn’t have to be. Our firm takes Kent sex abuse cases on a contingency-fee basis, meaning:

  • Our team finances your case from the first consultation to the resolution.
  • We offer free case reviews.
  • We don’t ask for a fee up front or out of pocket.
  • Our attorneys don’t operate on retainers or hourly rates.

We want you to focus solely on your path to healing, instead of how you can afford to seek justice. If and when our lawyers secure a financial outcome for you, we collect our payment. This way, we can get to work on your case right away, and you don’t have to take on any financial risk if you hire us.

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What Forms of Compensation Can You Seek in a Kent Sex Abuse Case?

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As a victim of sex abuse, you are entitled to seek justice and compensation. Compensation aims to give you access to the funds you need to work toward healing without financial stress. When we review your situation, we consider:

  • When the abuse occurred
  • How the abuse has affected you psychologically and physically
  • The treatment and counseling you’re getting
  • How the trauma of the abuse has affected your professional life
  • How the abuse has affected your relationships

Victims of sex abuse may have grounds to seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, mental anguish, and pain and suffering. The abuser could be held liable for punitive damages, which punish them for their actions, in certain cases.

If you or a loved one is a victim of sex abuse or sexual assault, an attorney from our team can seek justice on your behalf.

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How Long You Have to Take Action in a Kent Sex Abuse Case

Washington State enforces certain deadlines for claimants to bring a lawsuit against the responsible party. According to RCW 4.16.340, you usually have three years to file from:

  • The date the abuse occurred
  • The date you reasonably discovered or should have discovered the abuse
  • The date that you discovered an injury stemming from the abuse

This time limit pauses until the survivor turns 18. The trauma of the abuse may not manifest until later, and the state takes this into consideration. Therefore, the deadline generally depends on each claimant’s situation. Still, figuring out exactly how long you have can be tricky, so you may benefit from hiring a lawyer on our team. They can help you identify the amount of time you have to file and comply with the time limit.

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The Attorneys at Herschensohn Law Help Victims of Sex Abuse in Kent

If you or a loved one is a victim of sex abuse in Kent, it is important to know that you are not alone. At Herschensohn Law, we have been helping sexual abuse victims in state of Washington for years.

Our team of lawyers is dedicated to helping you get the justice and compensation you deserve. Contact our firm today at (206) 588-4344 to get started on your case. We give free consultations to all potential clients.

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