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Attorney Zach Herschensohn Volunteering at the St. Philomena Catholic School

SPLASH AUCTION (St. Philomena: Leadership, Action, Scholarship, Heritage)

At St. Philomena Catholic School, volunteers are encouraged to participate in events as they see fit. Attorney Zach Herschensohn exemplified this spirit by taking it upon himself to volunteer in the school’s lunch room, assisting with the service of food to the students.

The Splash Auction, one of the school’s three major fundraisers, combines online and in-person bidding on items, along with opportunities for scholarships and donations. A dedicated team of volunteers works tirelessly throughout the year to create a powerful evening supporting Catholic education.

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Zach Herschensohn
Zach Herschensohn

A proven fighter for injured people and their families

Attorney Zach Herschensohn has been standing up for the injured for years. Known for his strong work ethic, high energy, intelligence, and professionalism, Zach is an outstanding advocate for the injured who has successfully litigated many cases from complaint to verdict.

Zach Herschensohn
Zach Herschensohn

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