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  1. Your case deserves serious support from experienced attorneys
  2. What kinds of injures constitute medical malpractice in the State of Washington?
  3. Why you need an experienced medical malpractice attorney to handle your case
  4. Herschensohn Law team has recovered millions for injured people in Kent and the metro Seattle area
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Your case deserves serious support from experienced medical malpractice attorneys


You expect doctors, physicians, surgeons, and nurses to provide professional and adequate treatment when you need it most. However, sometimes people are seriously injured because of the careless actions of healthcare professionals. You sought medical treatment with hopes of healing, but find yourself left with even more pain, frustration, and stress instead. 

Whether you or someone you love suffered harm due to medical malpractice, Personal injury attorney Zach Herschensohn and his team can hold them accountable and fight for the compensation you’re entitled to. 

Discover what a versatile and experienced Kent and Seattle area medical malpractice lawyer can do for you after a medical injury. 

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What kinds of injures constitute medical malpractice in the State of Washington?

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Medical malpractice happens when a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional makes an error, omission, or negligent act and injures a patient. These errors in medical care are more common than we think; according to a U.S. News report, avoidable medical errors are the third-leading cause of death in the United States after heart disease and cancer.  

Common examples of medical negligence or malpractice include: 

  • Failure to diagnose  
  • Misdiagnosis 
  • Prescription medication errors 
  • Surgical errors 
  • Birth injuries 
  • Failure to respond in a timely manner 
  • Failure to follow up after treatment 
  • Inadequate counseling 
  • Wrongful death 
  • Other serious injuries 

You may be able to pursue a malpractice lawsuit against a hospital, urgent care center, or any other medical facility. You may also have a case against a doctor or other medical professional in private practice. Poor training, failure to follow medical procedures, having inadequate policies and procedures, and lack of communication can all contribute to someone being seriously injured. 

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Why you need a medical malpractice lawyer to handle your case

Medical malpractice claims are serious. The medical negligence put you in a more serious position than before, and the medical professional or facility might harm other people just like you in the Kent and Seattle area. This is unacceptable.  

When you hire Herschensohn Law to represent you after you’ve been hurt by someone who was supposed to keep you safe, we stop at nothing to make sure you get the financial compensation you need and deserve.  

Herschensohn Law team has recovered millions for injured people in Kent and the metro Seattle area

Herschensohn Law is proud to go to bat for people hurt by negligent medical professionals and health care facilities. We understand firsthand how devastating these types of claims can be, which is why we treat every medical malpractice claim we handle like it’s our only case.  

When you hire our firm to represent you after getting hurt, we’ll handle everything so you can focus on healing and getting answers. We’ll take over the stressful communications with the insurance company, keep track of your medical costs and any liens that the hospital may put on your medical bills, collect the evidence, and file all the relevant paperwork on your behalf. We’ll also make sure you understand everything that’s happening in the process so you can make the best decision for yourself, your family, your future, and most importantly, your health.  

“Zach will always take time and give you quality advice that you can trust. Highly recommended!”

- P.R., Katy, WA

Let Herschensohn Law fight for you

After you’ve been injured, it’s important to understand your legal rights. Depending on how you or your loved one was hurt, trying to navigate Washington’s unique laws or dealing with the insurance company, hospital, and health care provider often proves to be a tall task. You’re injured, you’re in pain, and you need help. 

Let our law firm guide you through the process. Attorney Zach Herschensohn has years of experience fighting for the injured and is a powerful advocate who will listen to your story, answer your questions, explain your legal options, and give you honest advice on whether he thinks your case is worth pursuing.  

Importantly, we help clients on a contingency fee basis. That means you don’t pay anything unless we win an insurance claim or jury verdict on your behalf. It’s that simple.  

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