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Improper Turn or Lane Change Accidents in Kent

When improper turns or lane changes cause accidents, victims can hold the at-fault driver legally liable and pursue both justice and financial damages. Our Kent car accident attorney can work on your behalf to file an insurance claim or lawsuit and seek compensation for you based on the facts of your collision case.

At Herschensohn Law, we provide free initial consultations for accident victims in Kent, Washington. You can learn more about your rights, our services, and your options for pursuing compensation, and together, we can develop a plan to move forward.

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Kent Drivers Must Follow Strict Laws When Turning or Making Lane Changes

Traffic laws dictate when, where, and how a driver can turn or make a lane change. Both movements require checking to ensure no other vehicles are in the path, using a turn signal, and moving slowly into the other lane. Handling any of these steps incorrectly could lead to a traffic ticket — or a collision.

Using a turn signal indicates to others what a driver intends to do. This can help prevent collisions even if the driver fails to adequately clear the adjacent lane or ensure there is no oncoming traffic in a turn.

When turning left on green or right on red, the driver must yield the right of way to any oncoming vehicles. Failure to do so is a common cause of intersection accidents. These crashes are often particularly dangerous because they may cause a T-bone impact (where one car hits the other in the driver or passenger door).

Injuries and Damages in Kent Accidents Caused by Improper Turns or Lane Changes

Improper turn or lane change accidents can cause collisions, sideswipe incidents, or side or rear impact crashes. Depending on how the cars collide, their speed, and other factors, victims can suffer a wide range of injuries.

This could include catastrophic injuries causing permanent life-changing disabilities, injuries that require extensive treatment and rehabilitation but eventually do heal, minor bumps and bruises, and any level of severity in between. Our team can build a case based on your injuries.

To develop strong support for your claim, we need to identify your recoverable damages (the expenses and losses you incurred from the accident), including:

  • Medical treatment and related costs
  • Future or ongoing medical needs
  • Income losses from any source while you are out of work
  • Diminished earning ability if you have lasting injuries
  • Property damage, such as car repairs
  • Pain and suffering losses
  • Other intangible damages

Under RCW 4.20.010, our attorney can seek compensation for families who have lost a loved one to their crash injuries. We handle wrongful death actions based on contingency fees and help our clients get justice for their loved one’s untimely death.

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Proving Negligence and Liability in a Kent Improper Turns Case


When a driver makes an improper turn or lane change, and it causes an accident, our legal team can help you hold that driver legally responsible for your injuries and related expenses if we can prove their negligence. There are four elements required to show negligence in Washington:

  • Duty of care
  • Breach of duty
  • Causation
  • Harm

The duty of care in these cases comes from the laws that require drivers to ensure their lane changes and turns are safe, such as using turn signals, waiting for the adjacent area to clear of traffic, and moving carefully into that area. When a driver violates any part of these laws, they breach their duty of care. Because these laws are in place to prevent accidents, a collision is much more likely to occur if drivers ignore them.

When a driver violates these traffic laws, and an injury-causing collision occurs, we can show causation and harm using evidence such as the police report, witness statements, accident reconstruction, and more. This allows us to file a strong insurance claim with the negligent driver’s insurance company or sue them for fair compensation.

Our clients count on attorney Zach Herschensohn to build a strong case and fight for them while they recover from their injuries. At Herschensohn Law, we work based on contingency. This means you won’t have to worry about paying any fees upfront or out-of-pocket. If we win, and you obtain compensation, our fee simply comes out of a percentage of your total settlement package. If we lose, you don’t owe us anything.


Timeline for Pursuing Compensation in a Kent Car Accident Case

As soon as your injuries are stable, you can connect with our team and schedule your free case assessment. We can discuss the specific details of your case, how it happened, and what injuries and damages you’ve sustained. The sooner we can look into what happened, the sooner we can begin to gather evidence to support your claim.

If we do choose to sue, we generally have up to three years from the date your injuries occurred. Washington State talks about this deadline in RCW 4.16.080. There is also a three-year time limit for filing a wrongful death lawsuit, beginning on the date of death. These deadlines are known as the statute of limitations.

Missing these deadlines could prevent you from being able to sue or leverage your right to do so to get a better offer from the insurance company.

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When another driver causes a collision, our team understands how frustrating it can be. At Herschensohn Law, we’re proud to serve the Kent area. We provide free initial consultations so you can learn about your rights and legal options risk-free.

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