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  1. Our Wrongful Death Lawyers in Seattle, WA, Can Assist You
  2. Seeking Economic and Non-Economic Damages for a Wrongful Death Claim
  3. Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Seattle, WA?
  4. Filing Deadlines for a Seattle Wrongful Death Lawsuit
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When you lose a loved one because of someone else’s negligence, you deserve compensation for your damages. At Herschensohn Law, we understand that money cannot make up for this tragic loss. However, our wrongful death attorneys in Seattle aim to help you stabilize your financial future following the death of your loved one.

With financial damages from a wrongful death claim, you can take care of expenses associated with your loved one’s passing. Call Herschensohn Law today at (206) 588-4344 to learn more in a free consultation.

Our Wrongful Death Lawyers in Seattle, WA, Can Assist You

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Losing a loved one is never easy. When the loss stems from someone’s negligent or reckless behavior, it can be especially distressing to surviving family and loved ones. Herschensohn Law’s wrongful death lawyers sympathize with the distress you and your family experience following a loved one’s unexpected death.

Sadly, the loss of a loved one often comes with complicated financial responsibilities. The good news is that our attorneys can handle the legal footwork and hold the at-fault party accountable for your loss while you grieve with your family.

Let Our Team Provide the Legal Support You Need After a Wrongful Death in Seattle, WA

Finding closure following a loved one’s untimely death can be emotionally taxing, even without a wrongful death claim. Rather than trying to handle everything on your own, consider seeking assistance from the Seattle, WA, attorneys at Herschensohn Law.

Herschensohn Law has helped many clients negotiate fair compensation following the death of a loved one. We can advocate for your family’s needs and help you find closure. Our wrongful death attorneys can:

  • Answer all calls and emails related to your claim
  • Gather evidence to establish fault
  • Document eyewitness testimony
  • Survey and reconstruct the accident
  • Identify recoverable damages
  • Compile documentation to prove your losses
  • Handle communication with all the parties involved in your case
  • Negotiate for a fair settlement
  • Represent you in a trial, if necessary

We can help you evaluate the full scope of your losses to help ensure that you receive the full settlement value you deserve. Allow our wrongful death lawyers to navigate the legal process, so you can focus on your loved ones.

Seeking Economic and Non-Economic Damages for a Wrongful Death Claim

The primary goal of a wrongful death case is to secure financial recompense for the deceased’s family and dependents. Damages you could recover for a wrongful death include:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Medical bills from the injury or illness that caused your loved one’s demise
  • Pre-death pain and suffering
  • Loss of income if they contributed income to the household
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of care and advice
  • Loss of services

The amount you can secure in a wrongful death settlement differs depending on the details of your case. Consider consulting our Seattle wrongful death lawyers to learn which damages you could pursue.

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Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Seattle, WA?

While some states allow the decedent’s family members to file a wrongful death case, only the decedent’s personal representative can do so in Washington state, per RCW 4.20.010. A personal representative may be appointed in the decedent’s will. In the absence of a will, the court will typically appoint them.

The personal representative becomes responsible for all the deceased individual’s assets and debts. They pay outstanding debts, gather assets, advise the decedent’s creditors of the decedent’s death, and handle any legal proceedings, including wrongful death claims.

Although the personal representative handles the legal processes, they are acting on behalf of the decedent’s estate and beneficiaries. RCW 4.20.020 specifies that legal action for wrongful death is for the benefit of the following parties:

  • Decedent’s spouse
  • Decedent’s state-registered domestic partner
  • Decedent’s children or step-children

In the absence of a spouse, domestic partner, or child, any settlement from the wrongful death case can go to the decedent’s parents or siblings.

Wrongful Death vs. Survival Action in Seattle, WA

Sometimes, when someone is injured or ill for some time before their death, they may have started a personal injury lawsuit already. If a lawsuit is already ongoing, the personal representative can continue the case in the form of a survival action, per RCW 4.20.046.

In a survival action, the representative continues to pursue damages as though the decedent was still alive. In addition to medical bills and lost income, they can seek non-economic damages, including pain and suffering, anxiety, and emotional distress on behalf of both the decedent and their beneficiaries.

Although a survival action seeks compensation on behalf of both the decedent and the beneficiary, any settlement or jury award goes to the decedent’s estate. The estate is then disbursed to the appropriate parties in accordance with the decedent’s will and Washington state law.

Filing Deadlines for a Seattle Wrongful Death Lawsuit

According to RCW 4.16.080, the deadline to file a wrongful death lawsuit in Seattle, WA, is typically three years from the date of death. However, this time frame may differ depending on the facts of your case. If you miss the filing deadline, you could lose the chance to seek compensation.

To avoid missing necessary legal deadlines, consult the Seattle wrongful death attorneys at Herschensohn Law as soon as possible.

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Consult Our Wrongful Death Attorneys in Seattle, WA, Today

When you lose someone, you want to be sure that your family has everything it needs to be financially secure. You should not have to spend your time fighting the people responsible for your losses.

Let our injury attorneys support you. We know how difficult it can be to cope with complicated legal claims while mourning the loss of someone you love. Learn how we can help you seek the compensation you and your family deserve. Contact Herschensohn Law today at (206) 588-4344 for a free consultation. We work on contingency, so you only pay us if we settle or win your wrongful death case.

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