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If you were injured in an underride accident, you are not alone. Truck underride is a common cause of serious injury and death on our nation’s highways. Approximately 130,000 people suffer injuries in truck accidents each year, and over 4,000 are killed in multiple-vehicle crashes involving a truck.

It’s important to understand what underride collisions are, why they happen, and what to do if one or a loved one are harmed. A Kent underride accident lawyer can help you fight for compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and more. The team at Herschensohn Law will fight to protect your legal rights and ensure that the liable party pays for your losses.

Understanding Underride Accidents

underride accident risk

People may not be as familiar with the term “underride accident” compared to “rear-end collision” or “hit and run” – but the damage they can cause is very real. An underride accident occurs when a passenger car strikes the rear or side of a large truck or trailer, then slides underneath. This type of collision often results in serious injury or death for the vehicle’s occupants.

Truck underride accidents can be either rear underride or side underride collisions:

Rear Underride Collisions

Rear underride collisions occur when a car slides under the rear of a truck, semi-trailer, or another large vehicle. They happen most frequently with trucks that are moving too slowly or parked on the side of the road.

Side Underride Collisions

When a truck driver crosses an intersection or makes a U-turn unexpectedly, they can cause a side underride collision. Oncoming drivers may not notice the crossing truck, hit it on the side, and slide underneath, especially if they are new drivers, who may underestimate the amount of time it will take the truck to clear from the road, or driving at night.

Common Causes of Underride Collisions

bad weather conditions

Unfortunately, there are many common causes of underride collisions:

Driver Fatigue

Fatigue can be a major factor in underride collisions. Drivers should always stay alert, especially when they are behind the wheel. You can help avoid driver fatigue by taking breaks and avoiding long hours of driving with no rest.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can cause accidents even with the most competent drivers. For example, when there is snow or ice on the road, drivers may not be able to see as well as they normally would. If you live in a state that gets bad weather often (like Washington), drivers are advised to always be conscious of current weather conditions.

If you see something unusual on the road during bad weather, such as standing water or icy patches, slow down and use extra caution until conditions improve.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can greatly increase your chances of being involved in an underride collision. Drunk or drugged drivers often overestimate their driving abilities and take risks they would not take while sober. Alcohol and drugs can also impair judgment and slow reaction time.


Distracted drivers do not pay adequate attention to their surroundings. In fact, they may not even see a vehicle in front of them until it’s too late. When a driver must slam on their brakes, they are more likely to collide with other vehicles or objects.

Some examples of distractions include:

  • Texting while driving
  • Talking while driving
  • Eating while driving


Speeding is the most common cause of underride collisions, especially when drivers are following too closely or trying to pass other vehicles.

Improper Lane Changes

Underride collisions can happen when drivers change lanes without checking their blind spots or ensuring that the roadway is clear. The safest way to make a lane change is by checking the roadway carefully and then using your turn signal. Drivers who change lanes without using their turn signals are more likely to be involved in underride collisions, especially if they do not know how close other vehicles are.

Following Too Closely

Following too closely increases the chances of underride collisions by preventing drivers from seeing around their vehicle at intersections, driveways, or curves in the road.

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What to Do After an Underride Accident in Kent

What to Do After an Underride Accident in Kent​

After an underride accident, you should:

  • Get medical attention. You may be injured and not realize it.
  • Call the police. They will take statements from both drivers and witnesses and collect evidence such as photos and video footage. They may also determine who is liable for the accident.

Contact a lawyer. Your lawyer can guide you through the legal process while ensuring that everything gets done on time, so there are no delays in getting compensation.

What to Do After an Underride Accident in Kent​

What Else Can an Accident Attorney Do?

If you were injured in an underride accident, a personal injury lawyer can manage your case from start to finish. The team at Herschensohn Law can review the details of your case and determine if you have a claim for compensation for your injuries, including medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

A lawyer can also make sure that you follow the statute of limitations set by Washington law. If you miss the deadline to file your claim, you may miss out on your potential settlement with no recourse for seeking compensation in the future.

Proving liability is not easy with truck accidents. A Kent injury lawyer from our firm can help determine who is liable for your injuries, such as the truck driver, the truck manufacturer, or the driver of another car involved in the accident. Then your lawyer can negotiate with the liable party’s insurance company on your behalf for fair compensation, or fight for you in court if necessary.

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Get Help from an Underride Accident Lawyer in Kent Today

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in an underride accident in or around Kent, Herschensohn Law is here to help. We understand that accidents involving large trucks are often traumatic, and that underride accidents can be especially devastating.

At Herschensohn Law, our mission is to help people injured in accidents through no fault of their own get the financial compensation they deserve. We will work hard to get you justice and ensure that your rights are protected according to Washington law, so you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

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