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  1. Recoverable Damages After a Truck Accident Due to Inclement and Unsafe Weather
  2. Let Our Kent Truck Accident Lawyer Assist With Your Weather-Related Claim
  3. A Firm With a Reputation for Successful Injury Litigation in Kent, WA
  4. Liability in Kent Truck Accidents Due to Inclement and Unsafe Weather
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According to the Federal Highway Administration, inclement weather plays a part in 21% of U.S. vehicle accidents. Fog, heavy rain, wind, snow, and freezing conditions all contribute to road hazards in Kent, WA. Such weather conditions cause poor visibility, slippery surfaces, and traffic delays that can place drivers at greater risk. 

Although nobody can control road conditions during inclement and unsafe weather in Kent, WA, drivers can take precautions to protect themselves and other motorists. If you are injured because someone drove carelessly in poor weather, you could seek damages through an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. 

A Kent truck accident lawyer at Herschensohn Law can help you understand your rights after a weather-related truck accident. Contact our team today at (206) 588-4344 to discuss your legal options.

Recoverable Damages After a Truck Accident Due to Inclement and Unsafe Weather

Truck Accident Due to Inclement and Unsafe Weather

Large truck operators must be especially careful when they face hazardous weather conditions. Even without the risks associated with poor weather, truck accidents are notorious for causing severe injuries and fatalities. In fact, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reports that approximately 5,000 large trucks are involved in fatal crashes each year across the U.S. 

The sheer size and weight of a loaded semi-truck dwarf passenger vehicles that share the road. When a truck loses control in inclement weather, the resulting accidents can cause devastating lifelong injuries and financial hardship. 

A personal injury lawyer at Herschensohn Law can protect your right to fair compensation for:

  • Lost immediate and future income
  • Medical care costs
  • Therapy and rehabilitation
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Property damage costs
  • Emotional distress

You deserve an attorney who will strongly advocate for your legal rights after an inclement weather truck accident. Herschensohn Law is here to provide the assistance you need.

Truck Accident Due to Inclement and Unsafe Weather

Let Our Kent Truck Accident Lawyer Assist With Your Weather-Related Claim

Our team firmly believes that truck injury victims like you have a right to fair representation regardless of their financial situation.

We know that your recovery after an inclement weather truck accident can be long and grueling. Our firm can reduce your burden and financial stress by seeking compensation for your losses.

We Represent You in Every Aspect of Your Injury Case

When you work with the legal team at Herschensohn Law, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. Our personal injury lawyer regularly handles motor vehicle and truck accidents in Kent, WA, and the surrounding areas. We have extensive knowledge of state laws pertaining to liability, negligence, and damages. In addition, we aren’t afraid to aggressively pursue difficult insurance providers. 

If we take on your truck accident case, we can handle these tasks:

  • Proving fault after a weather-related truck accident
  • Gathering evidence to establish fault and prove the value of your inclement weather accident claim
  • Obtaining expert opinions to support your unsafe weather-related claim
  • Representing your interests in negotiations, hearings, and trial proceedings relating to your inclement weather accident injury case

Whether you were sideswiped by an inattentive driver on a foggy day or struck head-on by an out-of-control truck on an icy road, you should not have to pay the price. Our team can actively seek to hold the at-fault parties fully responsible for the problems they caused through their negligent or wrongful actions.

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A Firm With a Reputation for Successful Injury Litigation in Kent, WA

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Herschensohn Law has spent years building a firm dedicated to pursuing justice on behalf of injury victims in Kent, Seattle, and across Washington state. Our case results demonstrate our commitment to recovering fair compensation for our clients. We have won millions in verdicts and settlements for our clients in various injury cases.

You can depend on our team to advocate for your legal right to a fair payout. We can guide you through the legal process with personalized attention and open, honest communication. With Herschensohn Law, you never have to wonder where your case stands. We will always keep you apprised of new developments and answer any questions you have promptly. 

Important Legal Deadlines After an Unsafe Weather Kent Truck Accident

In general, Washington’s statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits is three years, per RCW 4.16.080. In other words, you typically have three years to file a truck accident case against the responsible parties. However, the time frame can differ depending on the facts surrounding your case. 

Our team is aware of the deadlines associated with lawsuits like yours, and we will keep your weather-related truck accident case on track, so you have the best chance for a positive resolution.

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Liability in Kent Truck Accidents Due to Inclement and Unsafe Weather

Inclement weather can exacerbate the dangers on the road. Truck drivers and other vehicle operators must ensure the safety of others on the road. When a semi-truck or another vehicle crashes in inclement or unsafe weather, a careless or negligent driver can be held responsible. 

For instance, if a truck driver speeds in heavy fog and hits another vehicle, he can be responsible for driving recklessly. Drivers, particularly truck drivers, are expected to drive in a way that safeguards themselves and other motorists. When they fail to uphold that duty of care, they can be considered negligent and held liable for damages. 

Other parties responsible for a truck accident in Kent’s inclement and unsafe weather include:

  • Driver of another vehicle who is inattentive, aggressive, or reckless
  • Truck driver’s employer if they forced or allowed the driver to operate in dangerous weather conditions
  • Truck maintenance and repair company if appropriate modifications were not made to account for seasonal inclement weather, including snow tires and brake adjustment

In essence, anyone who fails to take appropriate precautions when operating a semi-truck or other vehicle in inclement or unsafe weather can be held financially accountable for the damages that occur as a result.

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Consult Our Truck Accident Team in Kent, WA, at No Cost

Call (206) 588-4344 to learn how unsafe and inclement weather affects your Kent truck accident claim. Herschensohn Law can provide a free case evaluation and help determine the best way to pursue your weather-related truck crash case.

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