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  1. Proving Employer Negligence After a Kent Truck Accident
  2. Our Attorneys Use All Available Evidence to Prove Employer Negligence
  3. Our Firm Doesn’t Hesitate to Pursue Giant Trucking Companies for Negligent Policies
  4. Timing is Crucial for Your Employer Negligence Claim, So Contact Us Today

Kent, WA is a hotbed of trucking activity for goods coming into the highly populated Seattle area or leaving the area’s busy ports. Truckers often face inclement weather conditions and heavy traffic on SR-99, I-5, and other Kent highways. Inexperienced, fatigued, or distracted drivers can easily lose control at high speed, causing dangerous crashes. 

When a semi-truck driver crashes in Kent, your first thought will likely be to blame the operator. However, while truck drivers are often responsible for reckless or negligent behavior, their employers could also be held accountable. 

The Kent employer negligence lawyers at Herschensohn Law can investigate your truck accident claim to determine all the parties responsible for your injuries. We aren’t afraid to face international shipping companies or large insurance carriers to ensure your financial recovery. Call (206) 588-4344 today to get started.

Proving Employer Negligence After a Kent Truck Accident

Truck Driver Fatigue Lawyer

Trucking companies, brokers, and other truck driver employers have a duty to ensure that their employees conduct themselves safely and professionally. They are also responsible for vetting drivers to confirm they have good driving records and adequate training. 

All truck driver employers must also adhere to Federal Motor Carrier Vehicle Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations and OSHA regulations to ensure a safe work environment for their drivers. 

Our Kent personal injury attorneys can investigate the fundamental cause of your truck accident to prove employer negligence. Accident causes that could be attributed to an employer’s actions or policies include: 

Fatigued Driving

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the national shortage of truck drivers remains at an all-time high, according to American Trucking Associations. Therefore, trucking companies are forced to rely more heavily on their existing driver pool. For many tractor-trailer operators, this means more hours and longer distances to meet their shipping deadlines. 

To ensure a profitable operation, some employers look the other way when drivers violate hours of service regulations, even encouraging them to drive over the legally permitted time. Fatigued drivers trying to meet unreasonable demands may stay on the road even when they are too tired to drive safely. Some could fall asleep at the wheel and lose control of the vehicle entirely.  

Speeding or Driving Too Fast For Road Conditions

Less staff coupled with high demand for quick deliveries places truck drivers in a bind. To meet their shipping deadlines, trucking companies may set unreasonable schedules for long-haul trips, forcing drivers to make risky decisions to stay on schedule. For example, trip calculations from the company may not account for high-traffic periods, inclement weather, accidents, or road construction.

A driver who is behind schedule may risk driving over the speed limit or faster than they should for current road conditions. Speeding drivers have less time to react and are more likely to lose control of their heavy loads. 

Driving in Unsafe or Inclement Weather Conditions

When inclement weather like fog, wind, rain, ice, and snow affects road conditions, drivers may be advised to avoid driving on the highways until the weather passes. Employers who force truck drivers to continue driving regardless of weather conditions could be held liable for any accidents that occur. 

Distracted or Inattentive Driving

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of severe truck accidents. For instance, a tractor-trailer operator who is unfamiliar with local roads might call their logistics team for directions or fiddle with a navigation system in the cab. If the driver is under pressure to meet an unreasonable delivery schedule, they might not pull over safely to obtain directions.

Inexperienced or Untrained Drivers

In the post-COVID world, trucking and shipping companies are under increasing pressure to find drivers wherever they can. This may prompt them to hire people without sufficient licensing or training.

Inexperienced drivers pose a higher risk to themselves and others on the road. Trucking companies that hire drivers without a commercial driver’s license (CDL) or appropriate training could be held accountable for accidents caused by those drivers.

Truck Driver Fatigue Lawyer

Our Attorneys Use All Available Evidence to Prove Employer Negligence

Recently, it has become easier to prove employer negligence after a truck accident. Intelligent freight technologies in modern semi-trucks monitor driving hours, travel distances, and other critical information. While the data helps companies monitor each driver’s performance, we could also use it to support your claim for employer negligence.

In addition to software data, we can request the company’s policies and procedures, training measures, driver contracts, and schedules to confirm if they engage in unsafe practices. We may also use witness statements, dashcam footage, and expert testimony to bolster your claim.

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Our Firm Doesn’t Hesitate to Pursue Giant Trucking Companies for Negligent Policies

Why is it Necessary to Prove an Hours of Service Violation?

No matter how large the trucking company is, we firmly believe they should be held accountable for practices that place your health and safety at risk. When you work with Herschensohn Law, you gain a legal team who will use their knowledge and experience to fight for the maximum settlement in negotiations or at trial.

As our case results show, we have a record of successful settlements and verdicts worth millions of dollars. You deserve active representation from an attentive attorney who truly has your best interests at heart.

Investigating and Building Your Truck Accident Case

Our Kent truck accident lawyers can provide the legal guidance you need, including:

  • Obtaining documentation, data, and other information that supports your claim for employer negligence after a truck accident
  • Filing a personal injury claim against the trucking company for their negligent or reckless actions that caused your injuries
  • Negotiating with the trucking company and their insurance carrier for a fair settlement or taking your case to court

Whether you were the truck driver or in another vehicle when the accident occurred, you shouldn’t have to pay for injuries caused by an employer’s negligence. Our employer negligence lawyers in Kent can help build a case to secure the financial compensation you deserve.

Why is it Necessary to Prove an Hours of Service Violation?

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Timing is Crucial for Your Employer Negligence Claim, So Contact Us Today

One of our Kent truck accident attorneys can review your case and determine if you have grounds to pursue an employer negligence claim. If we decide to work with you, we can get started immediately. 

Herschensohn Law operates on a contingency basis, which means we don’t charge any upfront fees or out-of-pocket costs. You owe us nothing unless we win your case. So don’t delay – reach out today!

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