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  1. How Much You Can Claim If You Were Injured in a Crash Due to Driver Fatigue
  2. Our Driver Fatigue Accident Lawyer Can Fight for Your Rights
  3. Driver Fatigue Is a Leading Cause of Truck Accidents
  4. Establishing Liability for Kent Truck Accidents Due to Driver Fatigue
  5. Get a Free Case Evaluation for Your Driver Fatigue Accident in Kent, WA

Every day, truck drivers transport critical goods across U.S. highways. When drivers spend too long on the road without breaks, they can fall asleep at the wheel, and the resultant accidents can be disastrous. 

Fatigued truck drivers can cross the center line and hit other cars head-on. They could also sideswipe vehicles in adjacent lanes or swerve off the road and roll over in a ditch. All motorists who share the road with an overtired big rig driver are at risk. 

Truck crashes due to driver fatigue can result in severe, life-changing injuries and even death. If you were injured by a fatigued driver, the Kent driver fatigue attorney at Herschensohn Law can navigate the complexities of your truck accident claim. Reach out to our office today at (206) 588-4344 for your free case review.

How Much You Can Claim If You Were Injured in a Crash Due to Driver Fatigue

Truck Driver Fatigue Lawyer

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), large trucks are involved in about 110,000 injury crashes and 5,000 fatal collisions each year. The injuries associated with truck accidents tend to be more severe than accidents involving only passenger vehicles. 

A life-altering truck accident injury due to driver fatigue can leave you with a host of difficulties, from hospital bills to missed work. Our driver fatigue lawyer in Kent, WA, understands the challenges you face following a fatigue-related truck accident. We will advocate for your right to recover compensation from the responsible parties.

No attorney can predict the value of a case in advance or guarantee a specific outcome. However, you can rest assured that Herschensohn Law’s team will work tirelessly to seek the maximum possible settlement for your losses. 

Recoverable Damages After a Kent Truck Accident Due to Driver Fatigue

In a driver fatigue case, our lawyer can pursue compensation for your medical costs, lost income, reduced earning capacity, pain and suffering, and emotional anguish, as well as any other losses you experienced due to the accident.

Our goal is to attain a settlement or verdict that gives you the financial stability you need to recover from your injuries and adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

Truck Driver Fatigue Lawyer

Our Driver Fatigue Accident Lawyer Can Fight for Your Rights

At Herschensohn Law, we are not afraid to go toe-to-toe with giant trucking companies and insurance carriers. We know that these insurance companies try to protect their bottom line by offering lowball settlements. To combat these tactics, our truck accident attorney can advocate for your right to fair financial recovery.

If we agree to represent you in your driver fatigue injury claim, we will take on all the legal work associated with your accident. You will not have to worry about responding to phone calls and emails from insurance representatives. We will take care of it. Likewise, we can handle all the negotiations and legal filings. All you need to worry about is recovering.

We Can Meet State-Mandated Deadlines

RCW 4.16.080 generally limits your time to file a personal injury lawsuit to three years. This time frame can be longer based on the circumstances of your case. However, if you miss the deadline, you may lose your chance to recover any damages.

We encourage you to contact our firm as soon as you can after a driver fatigue accident to ensure that your lawyer has enough time to build and file your case.

No Upfront Costs for Our Attentive Legal Representation

We know the financial toll a truck injury can take, especially if you were hospitalized after getting hit by a fatigued driver. To ease your financial difficulties while we pursue your case, we operate on a contingency basis. That means you pay no costs or fees up front for our legal representation. Instead, we keep part of the settlement or jury award after we win your case.

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Driver Fatigue Is a Leading Cause of Truck Accidents

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Driver fatigue is one of the most common causes of truck accidents across the U.S. To prevent such accidents, the FMCSA maintains Hours of Service regulations for property-carrying drivers. These guidelines ensure that drivers take breaks after a specific number of hours on the road. Unfortunately, many truckers and their employers still push the envelope, spending long hours on the road and endangering other motorists.  

Truck drivers are not the only ones responsible for accidents due to driver fatigue. In fact, a study the FMCSA published indicated that passenger vehicle drivers were twice as likely to cause truck accidents due to fatigued driving. 

Whether you were in a passenger vehicle or operating a commercial truck, you deserve compensation for injuries caused by someone else’s fatigued driving. The personal injury attorney at Herschensohn Law is here to help.

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Establishing Liability for Kent Truck Accidents Due to Driver Fatigue

When we take on a case, our truck accident lawyer in Kent, WA, first reviews the details of the accident to determine fault. Although some cases are straightforward, most truck cases involve more than one responsible party. We can dig into the details of the accident to ensure that we hold the right people accountable for your injuries. 

In a fatigue-related truck accident, liable parties may include: 

  • The truck driver
  • The driver of another vehicle
  • The trucking or shipping company
  • The truck driver’s broker 
  • The truck manufacturer 
  • The party responsible for truck repairs and maintenance

Tracking down all the responsible parties and then fighting to get the compensation you deserve is stressful and time-consuming. Leave the hard work to our team.

“Zach will always take time and give you quality advice that you can trust. Highly recommended!”

- P.R., Katy, WA

Get a Free Case Evaluation for Your Driver Fatigue Accident in Kent, WA

If you or a loved one was in an accident due to another person’s fatigued driving, a personal injury lawyer at Herschensohn Law can represent your interests in negotiations and court. We can advocate for your legal right to fair compensation, especially against at-fault parties and their insurance companies. 

Call (206) 588-4344 to learn how we can help.

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