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Motorcycle Accidents Caused By A Failure to Monitor Blind Spots Lawyers in Kent

  1. What is a Blind Spot?
  2. Determining Liability for Failing to Monitor Blind Spots in Kent
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If you or a loved one was hurt in a motorcycle accident caused by a driver who failed to monitor their blind spots, you may be eligible to recover financial compensation and Herschensohn Law in Kent, Washington can help. Call us at (206) 466-0954 for a free consultation and case review.

Every motor vehicle has blind spots, and failure to monitor blind spots is a leading contributor to accidents on the roads of Kent, Washington every year. Even the safest drivers may have difficulty with their blind spots because, after all, the driver can’t see any vehicles or pedestrians in these areas. However, drivers who cause an accident because they didn’t check their blind spots should be held responsible for any damages that take place.

Accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, but if you were not the one who caused the accident, you shouldn’t be held liable for damages. Having a motorcycle accident attorney on your side can help you pursue the compensation you deserve. We can work with insurance companies, review accident-related documents, file your lawsuit, and even represent you in court if necessary.

What is a Blind Spot?

motorcycle in truck's blind spot

A blind spot is an area that a driver can’t see when they’re operating a motor vehicle. This means that there’s an obstruction preventing the driver from seeing what is there when looking through their mirrors or windows. Understanding blind spots and how to stay visible when you’re riding is key.

Accidents involving blind spots often occur when a vehicle is changing lanes and doesn’t see another car or motorcycle in the lane they are changing into. You’ve likely seen semi-trucks on the roadways with signs that say something along the lines of “If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you.” These serve as warnings that the truck driver’s blind spot is directly behind the truck and he can’t see you when you drive too closely and are in his blind spot.

Determining Liability for Motorcycle Accidents Caused By A Failure to Monitor Blind Spots

If someone changes lanes and hits your motorcycle, then they should be held liable for their actions. Legally, whether or not the driver failed to check their blind spots doesn’t really impact whether they should be held liable or not. If the driver claims that they didn’t see your vehicle, they are still the reason that the accident took place.

However, because of the nature of these accidents, there’s a chance that the driver who hit you may claim that you hit them. If they did not see you in the lane they were changing into, they may claim that you changed lanes into them without taking proper precautions.

After your accident takes place, call 911. Check to ensure that you and any passengers in your vehicle are safe, then move to a safe location, if possible. When the police arrive, explain to them what happened to cause the accident, being truthful the entire time. The police report can be used when determining liability.

You can contact an attorney any time after your accident. The blind spot motorcycle accident lawyers at our firm are familiar with the laws in Washington, can help you determine liability, and can fight on your behalf for fair compensation. We can review the police report, traffic footage (if there was a camera present), and any photos of the accident to determine who was liable and should be held responsible for damages.

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Tips for Blind Spot Safety

blind spot car accident

The best way to avoid an accident caused by blind spots is to become familiar with them. This can help you understand your where potential blind spots may be for drivers.

Being in another driver’s blind spot can be very dangerous and cause accidents. It’s best to pass the other vehicle quickly and safely. When passing, be alert for the vehicle you are passing to change lanes suddenly. They may not be able to see you, but by taking a defensive approach, you can avoid an accident with a driver that is unaware of your car.

On your own motorcycle, always ensure you stay as visible as possible. Make sure that when you turn or change lanes, you use your signals and look over your shoulder to see if anyone is in your blind spot. These simple safety measures can be vital to helping you avoid a devastating accident.

blind spot car accident

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Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Kent, Washington Today

An accident that isn’t your fault can be frustrating (or even traumatizing) as the aftermath can leave you stressed, physically injured, and uncertain about your financial future. When you miss work as unexpected bills pile up, you may be wondering how you’re ever going to be able to get back to your regular life. The good news is that you have legal recourse to pursue the compensation you are entitled to.

At Herschensohn Law, we’re committed to helping the people of the Kent area who are injured in accidents that weren’t their fault. Our clients are our top priority, and we want to ensure that they are treated fairly through every step of the process, especially when it comes to financial compensation.

Motorcycle accidents caused by another driver’s failure to monitor their blind spots should be treated the same as any other accident. Negligence was the cause, and you should not be made to pay for damages that were out of your control. When you are ready to speak with a motorcycle accident attorney about your crash, contact Herschensohn Law to schedule your free consultation at (206) 588-4344.

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