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Working on a vessel can be dangerous, but you deserve compensation if you are hurt on the job. If another party’s negligence led to your injuries, you could file a claim or lawsuit under the Jones Act to recover compensation. However, due to the complex nature of these claims, you don’t want to pursue damages alone. 

It can be even more complicated when you live in one state and work in the waters of another state. For example, if you live in Graham and work in Alaska or on Alaskan waters, a Graham Jones Act lawyer from Herschensohn Law can manage your case and everything it entails. Our personal injury team can gather evidence to demonstrate your case’s required elements, then negotiate for what you need. Call (206) 588-4344 to begin a free case review. 

What Is the Jones Act? How Does It Benefit Me?

Most employees in Washington State can’t sue their employers after an on-the-job injury. That’s because they’re covered by workers’ compensation programs. Seamen do not have that benefit. So, to recoup their injury-related losses, they can file a claim or lawsuit under the Jones Act to hold the negligent party financially accountable. 

Who Is Covered by the Jones Act?

Sometimes, workers get confused about whether they qualify for compensation under the Jones Act or the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA). The easiest way to remember the difference between the two is to remember that the Jones Act is for those who do most of their work aboard an operable vessel. 

To qualify for coverage under the Jones Act, you must:

  • Do at least 30% of your work aboard a navigable vessel
  • Be a seaman on a vessel that is operational and in navigable waters
  • Contribute to the work or operation of the vessel

If you meet each of these requirements, then you can recover compensation under the Jones Act. 

Other Workers Covered by the Jones Act

Someone may also qualify for coverage under the Jones Act if:  

  • A worker was not adjudicated of their seaman status or if they received voluntary payments under the LHWCA.
  • A longshoreman is injured by vessel negligence. Vessel negligence occurs when the captain of a vessel fails to keep their vessel safe and causes injury.  
  • They are a twilight worker. These are workers who have their eligibility for Jones Act coverage determined on a case-by-case basis. 
  • A worker who works for a fishing company that elects to pay their employees under Alaskan workers’ compensation coverage. However, this worker could still meet the requirements necessary to file a claim under the Jones Act.

Some people spend their entire careers working aboard vessels and don’t even know it. If that’s the case in your situation, you could partner with a Graham Jones Act lawyer from Herschensohn Law. We can evaluate your case and explain how to proceed. 

Our Jones Act Lawyers Provide the Legal Counsel You Want

If you are a seaman who suffered an injury while working, then you could recover compensation under the Jones Act. While you can always try to secure financial recovery by yourself, you could benefit from hiring Herschensohn Law and having us do all the work. 

Our attorneys have handled numerous maritime lawsuits, and we use our knowledge of the law to help you. We fight for optimal financial compensation while you recover from your injuries. Here’s what you can expect when you partner with our law firm serving Graham: 

You Pay Nothing Out of Pocket 

Herschensohn Law helps injured maritime workers on a contingency-fee basis. In this arrangement, you pay nothing upfront or out of pocket. Compensation for our attorney’s fees comes from your settlement or court award. We don’t charge by-the-hour rates, retainers, or other related fees. What’s more, if your Jones Act case doesn’t succeed, you don’t pay us. 

We Collect Evidence to Prove Negligence

The Jones Act notes that if another party caused your injuries, you could sue them and recover compensation. Yet, we need evidence to have a successful case. To build the strongest possible claim or lawsuit, your lawyer will: 

  • Review your accident report
  • Evaluate eyewitness testimonies
  • Speak with medical professionals
  • View video footage of the accident, if available
  • Review paperwork regarding the safety of the vessel

Your employer must ensure that everything is properly maintained for the vessel to operate in navigable waters. They must also warn you of known dangers and avoid unsafe work practices. Additionally, they must only hire qualified, careful workers and provide training when necessary. 

If they fail in either of these obligations, they could be financially liable for any injuries that happen while on the job. For example, if you slipped in grease that another crewmember didn’t clean up, you can hold your employer liable for failing to maintain a seaworthy vessel.

Our Team Speaks With the Involved Parties on Your Behalf

After your injury, you will likely hear from your employer’s insurance company. A representative may ask questions about your injury and how it took place. It’s important to be mindful of what you say; anything you disclose could compel the insurer to question your case. 

Maritime law is very complicated, and you may not even realize that something is damaging to your claim. That is why, when you entrust your case to Herschensohn Law, we handle all case-related communications. We send and answer all phone calls, emails, and text messages––all without jeopardizing your case or settling for less than it’s worth. 

We Seek Full and Fair Compensation for Your Maritime Injury 

By handling your case’s many obligations, we hope to give you the time and space needed to heal. At the end of the day, while we’re the face of your case, you make all the behind-the-scenes decisions, such as whether to accept a settlement. 

Finally, we offer free consultations so that you can better understand how your Jones Act claim will work. We walk you through the process and explain everything, so you can feel confident moving ahead.  

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Injured Claimants in Graham Can Recover These Damages Under the Jones Act

Under the Jones Act, you can recover both economic and non-economic damages. Here’s what to know about each: 

Economic Damages Refer to Your Financial Losses 

Economic damages account for your financial losses. Examples include: 

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Lost future earnings

These damages have distinct monetary values associated with them. Your lawyer will use bills, receipts, and invoices to learn how much you’re owed. We may also consult with medical professionals and other experts to learn more about your projected care costs. 

Non-Economic Damages Reflect Your Non-Financial Losses 

Non-economic damages include items that do not have distinct monetary values associated with them. These types of damages go above and beyond the expenses that you accrue as a result of your injury. They include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Mental anguish

Your employer may try to convince you to file for Alaska workers’ compensation benefits to avoid having to pay these damages. Yet, non-economic losses can comprise a significant portion of your recoverable losses. 

If you are unsure about any aspect of your situation, we invite you to consult with our lawyers serving Graham. They can guide you through the process of determining your recoverable damages. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Jones Act Claims in Graham

As you weigh partnering with a Jones Act lawyer on your claim, you may ask: 

How Long Do I Have to File Under the Jones Act? 

Generally, you have three years to file a Jones Act case. This is a strict deadline with very few exceptions, and judges won’t hear cases filed outside their filing periods. That’s why it’s so important to consider prompt legal representation. If too much time passes, you could lose the right to seek damages. 

How Much Compensation Can I Get Through a Jones Act Lawsuit? 

The value of your losses plays a large role in how much you can get through a Jones Act claim. Other factors that could increase your potential settlement include the severity of your injuries and the details of your accident. 

What Should I Do After Suffering a Job-Related Injury? 

You should visit a healthcare provider immediately after the accident. They can diagnose any “hidden” injuries and recommend a treatment plan. They can also supply much-needed information to bolster your case, such as imaging scans and other forms of written testimony. 

Additional considerations include limiting your social media use and refusing to give a recorded statement. You don’t want to give the involved parties any more information than necessary. They could use anything you say to jeopardize certain aspects of your claim. 

“Zach will always take time and give you quality advice that you can trust. Highly recommended!”

- P.R., Katy, WA

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If you are a maritime worker injured on the job, knowing your rights can be the difference between a rewarding settlement and a disappointing one. Our lawyers can help you understand your options and move forward with a plan of action. 

At Herschensohn Law, we are committed to helping our clients obtain the compensation they deserve. If you are a seaman who lives in Graham and was injured in an accident on Alaskan waters, then you have the right to recover compensation for your injuries. To understand how you can recover compensation for your damages, connect with our Graham Jones Act lawyers today at (206) 588-4344.

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