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  1. You Don’t Pay a Dime Until Your Case’s Successful Resolution
  2. Our Bicycle Accident Lawyers Handle Your Case From Beginning to End
  3. Compensable Damages in Your Ellensburg Bicycle Accident Case
  4. Our Bicycle Accident Lawyers Have Recovered Millions for Injured Clients
  5. You Have a Limited Time to File Your Ellensburg Bicycle Accident Lawsuit
  6. What Steps Should You Take After a Bicycle Accident in Ellensburg, WA?
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If you’re looking for an Ellensburg bicycle accident lawyer, you can stop your search. You’ve come to the right place. Herschensohn Law advocates for bicycle accident claimants in Kittitas County. Dealing with the aftermath of a collision can prove overwhelming, but with our team, you get a lawyer, friend, and ally. 

You’re many things after your bicycle accident, but here’s one thing you’re not: alone. Today, you can start a free case review and learn about the many benefits of entrusting your case to our team. Call (206) 588-4344 to get started. 

You Don’t Pay a Dime Until Your Case’s Successful Resolution

As you already know, personal injury cases are expensive. First, you’ve got medical bills stemming from your hospitalization, treatment, and possible surgeries. Then, you start missing time from work, stretching your financial resources. At a time like this, you may have concerns about affording legal help. 

You can set those worries aside because Herschensohn Law operates on a contingency-fee basis. We don’t charge upfront fees, costs, or retainers. In fact, getting our attorney’s fees is contingent on your case’s outcome. If your case yields damages, a percentage of your settlement pays our attorney’s fees. If not, we don’t charge for our services. 

Our Bicycle Accident Lawyers Handle Your Case From Beginning to End

From the moment you entrust your case to Herschensohn Law, you can rest assured that we will: 

Gather Supporting Evidence 

Gathering evidence accomplishes two things: 

  • It helps your lawyer determine fault and liability for your losses. 
  • It demonstrates the nature of your condition, along with the cost of your recoverable damages. 

Supporting evidence in a bicycle accident case can include the accident report, eyewitness testimony, and traffic camera footage. We may also consult accident reconstruction specialists to fill in the gaps in our knowledge. 

Assess Your Losses 

We need to understand the cost of your injury-related losses before filing your claim. That way, we can separate fair settlement offers from unfair ones. To learn what you’re owed, we: 

  • Go over your medical bills 
  • Review your employment records to project your lost income 
  • Add up all medical bills, lost income, and other figures 
  • Evaluate your quality of life 
  • Assess the damage to your bicycle 

We intend to settle your case for the highest dollar value possible. Your settlement or court award should account for each aspect of the injury on your life. 

File Your Claim 

Per Washington State’s Office of Commissioner, every motorist must carry liability insurance. It covers the injured person’s losses in a crash. If another driver caused your collision, we can file a claim with their liability coverage. This process requires us to: 

  • Present your case’s evidence 
  • Understand the liable policy
  • Handle all communications with the insurer
  • Protect you from bad faith insurance practices 
  • Calculate your past, present, and future injury-related losses 
  • Negotiate a fair settlement

We’re pleased to share that we resolve most bicycle accident cases through insurance claims. 

Answer Your Questions as They Arise 

Personal injury cases take time, and it’s understandable to have many questions during your case’s progression. With Herschensohn Law, you’ll enjoy easy access to your legal team whenever you have a question or concern. We’re always on hand to answer questions like: 

  • Should I settle my case? 
  • How much can I recover for pain and suffering? 
  • Do I have to give a recorded statement? 
  • Will a lawsuit be necessary? 
  • How can I bolster my case? 

We pride ourselves on offering honest but compassionate legal advice. We’re ready to learn your story and start advocating for you today. 

File Your Lawsuit 

Lawsuits are not necessary in most personal injury cases. Yet, if the insurance company refuses to settle, we may file a lawsuit against the at-fault party, which involves: 

  • Taking depositions 
  • Cross-examining witnesses 
  • Presenting your case’s evidence
  • Partaking in jury selection
  • Filing your lawsuit with the appropriate court 
  • Looking for inconsistencies in witnesses’ testimony 
  • Asserting the cost of your damages 

These are just some of the legal services we offer to bicycle accident claimants in Ellensburg. Herschensohn Law is committed to your case’s outcome, and we’re eager to guide it to a fair conclusion. 

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Compensable Damages in Your Ellensburg Bicycle Accident Case

You shouldn’t pay a dime for an accident you didn’t cause. That should be the liable party’s obligation, not yours. Whether through negotiations or a judge’s ruling, you can secure compensation for: 

Medical Bills 

Serious injuries can cause thousands of dollars in damages over the course of the injured person’s lifetime. Financial recovery could offer coverage for:

  • Surgeries
  • Hospitalization
  • Doctors’ co-pays
  • Skin grafts
  • Treatment
  • Physical therapy
  • Mental health services 
  • Medications 

Lost Income 

Suffering from a bicycle accident can leave you unable to work. You shouldn’t have to push yourself to attend work or dip into your savings to make ends meet. With Herschensohn Law’s bicycle accident lawyers, you could get compensation for your lost tips, bonuses, income, and benefits. If your injuries permanently affect your earning power, you could get compensation for the loss of future earning capacity. 

The Cost of Anything You Spent Out of Pocket 

It can take months to finally get compensation following a bicycle accident in Ellensburg. In the meantime, you may have spent money out of pocket on certain expenses, such as: 

  • Childcare costs
  • In-home assistance
  • Lawncare services and other maintenance services 
  • Assistive devices, such as crutches 
  • Bicycle repair or replacement costs 

We use bills, invoices, and receipts to validate the cost of these items. This documentation ensures that we don’t miss anything when putting a dollar value on your injury-related hardships. 

Non-Economic Damages, Such as Pain and Suffering 

Unlike the expenses listed above, non-economic damages are subjective in nature and do not come with documentation. This can leave clients at a loss when it comes to putting a dollar value on pain and suffering. Our team relies on its years of legal experience to calculate non-economic damages, such as: 

  • Disability
  • Scarring
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life 
  • Mental anguish 

These are just some of the damages you can recover through a third-party claim or lawsuit. If you’re unsure about your recoverable damages, you can consult the lawyers at Herschensohn Law to learn more. 

Our Bicycle Accident Lawyers Have Recovered Millions for Injured Clients

The attorneys at Herschensohn Law have dedicated their lives to advocating for injured people. We believe that our case results speak for themselves. While we’ve managed hundreds of cases over the years, these two stand out: 

  • A client came to us after fracturing his pelvis in a no-contact bicycle accident. We recovered $850,000 for him.
  • Our client came to us after a car collided with their bike. This case wasn’t easy; we needed to gather evidence, prove fault, and negotiate. We’re proud to announce that after tense back-and-forth conversations, we compelled $245,000 from the liable insurer. 

Your case may or may not result in a similar outcome. One thing is for certain, though: with our advocacy, you won’t leave a dime on the negotiating table. We fight tooth and nail for what our clients need, even if you were partially responsible for what happened.

You Have a Limited Time to File Your Ellensburg Bicycle Accident Lawsuit

RCW 4.16.080 notes that you generally have three years to file a bicycle accident lawsuit. Although most cases settle through negotiations, you want to keep litigation an option if: 

  • The insurance company refuses to negotiate. 
  • The liable insurer denies your claim. 
  • Issues regarding fault and liability stall negotiations. 
  • The liable insurance policy doesn’t fully cover your losses. 

If we don’t file your lawsuit within the prescribed deadline, the court system may refuse to hear your case. This could leave you with few options if the insurance company isn’t forthcoming. Because of the statute of limitations alone, we suggest consulting Herschensohn Law. We can handle all case-related deadlines and advise you accordingly. 

“Zach will always take time and give you quality advice that you can trust. Highly recommended!”

- P.R., Katy, WA

What Steps Should You Take After a Bicycle Accident in Ellensburg, WA?

Your next steps depend on where you are right now. Consider the following: 

You’re at the Accident Scene 

If you just suffered a bicycle accident, notify law enforcement and accept assistance from the paramedics. If possible, you should: 

  • Take photos of the car’s damage, your bicycle, and the accident scene 
  • Get the contact information of the other driver 
  • Only offer basic, objective information to the police 
  • Remove your bicycle from the flow of traffic 

Your case began from the moment of the collision. Anything you do or say could affect your claim’s final outcome. 

You’re in the Hospital 

Your doctor may have recommended hospitalization after learning of your bicycle accident. These general considerations could bolster your case and make for a smooth claims process: 

  • Document your injury’s recovery period through photos.
  • Adhere to your doctor’s orders.
  • Do not leave against medical advice (AMA).
  • Limit your physical activity.
  • Take all medications as prescribed.

Later, we can use your doctor’s testimony as evidence in your claim or lawsuit. 

You’ve Left the Accident Scene 

If you’ve already gotten medical treatment and left the accident scene, you should: 

  • Request a copy of the accident report
  • Refrain from sharing the accident’s details on social media 
  • Attend all follow-up medical appointments 
  • Consider the value of partnering with our Ellensburg injury team 

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When you fell off your bike as a kid, you brushed yourself up and got back in the saddle. The same goes for your personal injury case. While this is a challenging time in your life, we hope to make matters easier by securing financial recovery for your losses. To learn about our bicycle accident lawyers in Ellensburg, call (206) 588-4344

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