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Introducing Kyle Barry, Associate Attorney at Herschensohn Law

  1. Kyle Barry
  2. A desire to help people drives Kyle’s Work
  3. Kyle found his fit with our firm’s won’t-back-down approach
  4. The team at Herschensohn Law is ready to fight for you

Meet Kyle Barry

Kyle Barry

Associate attorney Kyle Barry lives his life with a clear measure of success: the number of lives he changes for the better.  

After earning his undergraduate degree in biology in just three years, he was torn between becoming a doctor or a lawyer. The choice came down to impact: Kyle believed that he could help more people as an attorney, so he went to law school.  

Kyle earned his law degree from George Washington University Law School in Washington D.C., where he worked as a law clerk at the U.S. International Trade Commission, an intern with Americans United, and as an editor for the Federal Circuit Bar Journal. He was also involved with Lambda Law, an LBGTQ+ legal organization.  

Kyle Barry

A desire to help people drives Kyle’s work

For Kyle, Washington D.C. was an incredible place to go to law school. His daily walk to work took him past the White House, and several of his professors were chief justices. Additionally, his many internships, jobs, and activities allowed him to gain a wide range of experiences. 

Kyle was a third-party litigator for cases involving unfair trade practices; he worked on public policy and administration regarding the separation of church and state, including First Amendment violations of the Establishment and Free Exercise Clauses; and he helped junior members draft notes and publish articles in the journal he edited.  

However, while he found his work important, it was missing something—a personal element that allowed him to connect with the individuals he was representing.  

After returning to the Pacific Northwest (he missed the cold and the rain), that personal connection and sense of doing what’s right drew him to Herschensohn Law.  

People we’ve helped

Kyle found his fit with our firm’s won’t-back-down approach

A deeply analytical person, Kyle is excited to put his experience to work helping injured people get the financial compensation they need to put their lives back together, or as he explains it, “return to whole.” And because he has a background in biology and anatomy, he’s well equipped to not only understand what his clients are going through, but to successfully advocate for them as well.  

If you’ve had the pleasure of interacting with Kyle, you know he’s a great listener, deeply empathetic, and incredibly kind. Our firm has earned a reputation for tireless and aggressive representation, but we keep those tactics limited to the courtroom, negotiations with insurance companies, and other arenas where we need to defend the people we’re working for.  When we meet with our clients, they can expect straightforward and honest answers as well as empathetic listening—things that Kyle does well.  

What drew Kyle to Herschensohn Law  

Kyle, like Zach and his team at Herschensohn Law, is committed to doing the right thing. And for our team, that means taking a case to trial if it means doing right by our client. Not every lawyer is willing to go to trial; it’s more risk, more work, and more expensive if you lose. Basically, most lawyers would rather play it safe, even if it means taking home less than an injured person deserves.  

In our mind, good enough doesn’t cut it. We strive for excellence and have the chops to not only take a case to trial, but win. We treat every case with the determination and grit necessary to go to trial. This approach resonated with Kyle, and he’s excited to stand up for clients in the way they deserve.  

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Outside of work, Kyle enjoys spending time with his partner and their families, which include lots of new babies. He can also be found hanging out with his Olde English Bulldog, Winston; reading (especially Sci-Fi, fantasy, and historical fiction); and watching all the Marvel movies in order.  

The team at Herschensohn Law is ready to fight for you

We take your injury seriously and are ready to put our skills and experience to use to fight for you. Whether you’ve been hurt in a car crash, offshore boating or work accident, or some other situation that wasn’t your fault, Zach, Kyle, AnnMarie, and the rest of our team are ready to stand up and demand accountability and compensation. To learn more about our approach, our team, and your legal options, give us a call at (206) 588-4344 or complete our simple contact form. 

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