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Are active driving assistance systems dangerous?

  1. Are active driving assistance systems dangerous?
  2. What issues did AAA find with ADAS technology?
  3. What to do after a car accident

Are active driving assistance systems dangerous?

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Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) provide the highest level of automated vehicle technology available to the public right now. ADAS uses sensors and cameras to detect road conditions and driver error and is designed to adjust accordingly.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

AAA, however, has concluded that the electronic system is far from dependable. The AAA director of automotive engineering and industry relations said car makers need to find ways to make ADAS reliable and safe.

What issues did AAA find with ADAS technology?

In testing ADAS-equipped cars, AAA found the biggest problem was lane departure. The technology is supposed to keep the car in the lane and at a safe distance when approaching a vehicle or object. However, tests on a closed course revealed a crash occurred 66 percent of the time when an ADAS car approached a disabled vehicle, with an average impact speed of 25 mph.

So, if you think you’re safe behind the wheel of a high-tech car with a driver assistance system installed, think again. According to a AAA study, researchers found that there were other safety issues common among vehicles with this technology.

The cars that were part of the study experienced a problem every eight miles on average over the course of 4,000 miles of real-world driving.

Some of the top safety issues in the cars equipped with the technology include:

  • Trouble staying in a lane and getting too close to another vehicle or a guardrail
  • Automated braking or steering becoming disengaged with little notice and handing control back to drivers

In these cases, a driver who assumes the vehicle’s active driving assistance system is in control and safe may be disengaged with the driving experience and not prepared to take control of the vehicle. A serious car accident could be the result.

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What to do after a car accident

If you’re in an accident, first seek medical attention. In some cases, drivers and passengers in car accidents don’t realize they have suffered an injury, or they feel pain and try to “tough it out.” The symptoms can get worse with time.

After getting medical attention, contact an experienced car accident lawyer. Accidents involving cars with driver assistance systems can become complex legal cases. The driver may have been negligent, but the manufacturer of the technology also may bear responsibility. Both parties may deny responsibility or try to shift the blame.

Your lawyer can evaluate the case. An attorney can determine if the manufacturer should be named in a claim, in addition to the driver.

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