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Results from Past Cases

Victim Awards

Herschensohn Law PLLC is proud to have fought for more than $7 million in cash settlements for our clients since 2010. Below are just a few of the amounts and personal injury cases that we’ve helped to win. We’d love to help you recover the financial costs of dealing with an injury caused by someone else’s omission, negligence, or carelessness as well as compensation for emotional suffering, stress, and the loss of wages. Fill out our Free Case Evaluation form to get started.


awarded to a faulty medical device victim


awarded by jury verdict to a fisherman with a back injury


award to a tug boat operator with a herniated cervical disc


for a premises liability wrongful death


award to a victim with fractured jaw and torn colon, hit by a drunk driver


for an open tibia–fibula fracture on a fishing vessel


award to an asbestos disease victim


award to a victim of asbestosis


for a maritime hip injury


for a municipal slip and fall injury


to a victim of legal malpractice


to a commercial diver with Raynaud’s syndrome


for a maritime back injury


to a drunk driving victim with orthopedic injuries


award to a seaman for unpaid maintenance and cure


to a fisherman with a herniated lumbar disc


for a dog bite with one day in the ER


awarded to a seaman who developed MRSA while in service of a fishing vessel


for a non-bite “dog tackle” case in an off-leash dog park


Zach Herschensohn is an aggressive litigator. When he decides to take a case, he never quits fighting for his clients—even if there is an adverse ruling at the trial court level, where the judge isn’t right.  Below are some of Zach’s notable published appellate cases. Contact us to learn more.

Gibson vs. American Construction Company

Court of Appeals: Holding that (1) because the worker was never determined to be a nonseaman in the LHWCA proceedings or the LHWCA compensation order, he was not precluded from pursuing personal injury claims against his employer under the Jones Act and (2) election of remedies, equitable estoppel, and collateral estoppel did not apply to bar his Jones Act claim, the court reverses the dismissal order and remands the case for further proceedings.

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Coulter vs. Asten Group Inc.

Court of Appeals: Holding that, under an exception to the 1986 tort reform act, joint and several liability applies to the plaintiffs’ asbestos-related claims; that the laborer’s contributory negligence is not a total bar to recovery; that jury instructions directing the jury to apportion fault do not require a retrial; and that the trial court must hold a hearing to determine the reasonableness of the amounts of the plaintiffs’ settlements with the settling defendants in order to determine the proper offsets against the judgment entered against the remaining defendant, the court reverses the award of damages based on apportioned liability and remands the case for a reasonableness hearing and for an award of damages consistent with the remaining defendant’s joint and several liability.

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Lunsford vs. Saberhagen Holdings Inc. (2005)

Court of Appeals: Holding that a supplier of asbestos-containing products may be held strictly liable for injuries sustained by household family members of users of the products, the court reverses the judgment and remands the case for further proceedings.

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Lunsford vs. Saberhagen Holdings Inc. (2007)

Court of Appeals: Holding that strict product liability retroactively applies to all claims arising from injuries caused by exposure to asbestos that occurred before strict product liability was adopted as the law of Washington, the court reverses the judgment and remands the case for further proceedings.

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