Motor Vehicle Negligence

Every automobile or motor vehicle accident results from someone's negligence. Not every accident is caused by driver error. Some result from faulty design, manufacture error or even careless maintenance.

Every victim of an injury caused by a motor vehicle should seek legal advice. No victim of an accident should talk to a representative of an insurance company before discussing the case with an attorney. Herschensohn Law pllc has the knowledge and experience that will help you receive fair compensation when you have been hurt in an automobile or motor vehicle related incident.

Do not meet with an insurance company representative without talking to a lawyer  first!

Do not assume that you are at fault. Do not agree to discuss your accident or your injury with an insurance company. Just as the neglect of traffic laws or simple carelessness cause motor vehicle accidents, so do failures in design and maintenance.

You are entitled to fair compensation for injuries that other people cause. Herschensohn Law pllc and its competent legal team can assess the value of your case, the likelihood of success before a jury and what an insurance company is capable of paying.

Herschensohn Law pllc understands the complexities of the law and has the experience that helps its clients realize outstanding settlements and courtroom solutions. The firm's aggressive no holds barred approach places the responsibility for accidents of any kind in the hands of those who caused them.

The firm's strong defense of client rights is coupled with an unmatched kindness for people who have suffered injuries resulting from carelessness, neglectfulness or plain irresponsibility.

If you've been injured in an automobile, in a truck or while riding a motorcycle give Herschensohn Law pllc a call or simply complete the contact information below. We'll get back to you quickly. The earlier you contact us, the sooner we can begin defending your rights and helping you achieve fair and just compensation for your suffering.